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See What They’re Saying

“I’m Olga, Karen’s mom and best customer (just ask her)! Karen and I have been on a wellness journey together for years. By incorporating whole foods and changing small habits, I’ve been able to lose 25 pounds and successfully keep it off for over a year. I’m even doing yoga now!”

Olga, 85

Not only is Karen knowledgeable, but she is also warm and welcoming. In my view, she successfully creates a safe space and a judgment-free community. Karen meets her clients where they are – being a plant based eater was no problem at all. The practices were challenging, but also FUN. She keeps reminding us that making mistakes is okay and to be kind to ourselves.

Olivia L.

In just 7 months I have gained more energy  to run around with my family, improved my mental clarity and composure, and learned coping mechanisms in times of stress.  Without setting out to, I lost 25 pounds (the lightest I’ve been in 9 years!). I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to work with Karen on my wellness journey, I know so many others could benefit from her program and wisdom too!

Helena A.